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rigs_5Applications include:

  • Foundation
  • Elevator Jack Holes
  • Tight access
  • Tower Footings
  • Pre-Fab Foundations
  • Shoring
  • Etc.


All of our drill rigs are track mounted Lodrils made by Bayshore Systems. These are state of the art machines, quick and accurate and most of all safe. We are able to accomplish drilling jobs in a fraction of the time than before their arrival in the market. The Lodrils configuration allows for large diameter shafts (up to 15′ diameter) to be drilled. The drills use both auger and bucket tools in order to remove spoils from below the water table.

All the LoDrils are low-overhead clearance machines. Our shortest has 8′ 6″” clearance, and is capable of accomplishing the most difficult jobs up to 3′ diameter and 40′ deep.

These machines can spin 360 degrees and reach 10′-12′-16’even 19′ in front of their tracks, making easy work of difficult situations. The drills are also capable of spoiling-off in the back of a dump truck when necessary.

For more information about our rigs and capabilities, please call (916) 742-1500 or contact us today.


1. RK- 12X Lodril (Pee Wee II)  – Limited Access Rig (needs only 8′ 6″ clearance) Drills 30″ diameter, up to 40′ deep.

2. LM60 LoDril (Spanky) – Drills up to 60′ deep.

3. LMFB-48 LoDril (Chubby) – Drills up to 48′ deep.

4. LLM60 Lodril (Curly) – Drills up to 60′ deep.

5. LLM60 LoDril (Larry) – Drills up to 60′ deep.

6. LLM60 LoDril (Shemp) – Drills up to 60′ deep.

7. LLM80HT LoDril (Moe) – Drills up to 80′ deep.

8. DH60-100 LoDril (Big Moe) – Drills 15′ diameter, up to 100′ deep.

9. T550 Bobcat (Lil’ Bit) – Low overhead, tight access drilling. Drills 18″ diameter, up to 30′ deep.

For more information about our rigs and their capabilities, please call (916) 742-1500.