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Dewater1After acquiring 17 years of dewatering experience with one of the largest dewatering contractors in the United States, William C. Holden established Viking Drillers, Inc. in 1983. Today, Viking Drillers, Inc. is owned and operated by Sherry & Kevin Montoya. Together with their team of experienced and talented individuals, they have made VDI the company it is today. VDI is highly respected and has grown to be the largest dewatering contractor on the west coast. Our projects include small well point jobs to multi-million dollar dewatering projects, like the Sacramento County Northwest Interceptor. VDI has worked closely with owners, consultants, engineers, contractors, and governmental agencies to solve diverse dewatering problems.

VDI maintains a full line of dewatering equipment for rental, including submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps, diesel sound attenuated generators, auto-transfer switches, large double wall fuel cells, junction boxes, s/o electrical cord, 60 to 20000 gallon sand sediment tanks, well casing, pvc discharge piping, and Yellowmine pipe. All equipment is maintained in house. Our own employees do the repairs and testing before the equipment is sent out into the field, ensuring that our customers have the most reliable equipment available.

VDI is also a manufacturer’s authorized distributor and service center for several name brands of submersible pumps and equipment. Name brands include: Multiquip, submersible pumps and sound attenuated diesel generators, Prosser, submersible pumps, Grundfos, turbine pumps. VDI uses state of the art track mounted Bay Shore Systems’ LoDrils® and Bauer Rigs. The rigs range in size from “Pee Wee II” a low overhead machine w/ 8’6” clearance, 30,000 lb. to 80,000 lb. excavator style machines and “Big Moe” a 140,000 lb. machine capable of drilling 15’ diameter holes. V.D.I has added a new drill rig manufacturer to the existing fleet. The Bauer BG-15 H is capable of drilling to the depths of 150’, with 111,378 ft. lbs of torque.

About Us

Viking Drillers Inc. is proud to be a distributor for V-Power Equipment, Inc. pumps, Crane/Prosser dewatering pumps and Multiquip generators.